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Pickleball Tournaments

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June 8th

Pro Pickleball Association

Orange County Cup

A grounds pass, courtside seat, or VIP pass gets you entry into the Orange County Cup for each day that you have a valid ticket. Pickleball grounds will have food trucks, DJ, sponsor tents, games, and more. Enjoy watching the best that pickleball has to offer in San Clemente.


June 10th

Jr PPA Orange County Cup

The Jr PPA Orange County Cup is welcome to juniors of all abilities and ages. If this is your first competitive event - that is great! We will break the players out by age AND ability so that we have groupings that are similar for a comfortable competitive experience. Be sure to join the VULCAN Family Social Saturday 7:00pm - this is a doubles event with juniors partnering with any relative (adult or junior).The $65 registration fee covers all 3 events for juniors AND allows ALL family members to enter the property to watch the pros for any and all days of the tournament.

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