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Phil Dunmeyer is a leading expert, author and instructor in the fast growing sport of pickleball. Purchase Coach Phil’s Books:

Pickleball: The Teacher Within Us
Pickleball: Food For Thought
Pickleball 5.0: A Journey From 2.0 – 5.0

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The Southern California Pickleball Association is focused on growing the sport of pickleball throughout the U.S. for coaches and players alike.

Coach Phil's Pickleball Tips - 
Snap Volley Instruction

SCPA Instructor & Coach Phil Dunmeyer teaches the specifics of the snap volley shot in pickleball. The snap volley is a useful shot in a number of instances as demonstrated here.

Coach Phil's Pickleball Tips - 
Return Shot Instruction with Gina Stivers

Instruction on the forehand stroke in the 
"land of opportunity".