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Fun Pickleball Terms

Entertaining Terminology of Pickleball Shots

Body Bag:

A shot which successfully targets your opponent's body; a body shot.


A double play where the third shot is driven and the other players in the serving team rushes the net for a putaway.

Getting Pickled:

Losing with zero points.


Hitting a ball through your own legs, particularly when you don't have time to step back for a proper shot.

Nutmeg or 5-hole:

Hitting a ball which goes through your opponent's legs.

Fly Swatter:

Hitting a ball down into the net when trying to slam a high ball.

Let Ace, or Lettuced: 

When your serve hits the top of the net, still lands in, and returner doesn't get paddle on ball, that's a let ace; they've been "lettuced."


Jumping over your corner of the kitchen into the legal standing spot outside of the court while hitting an offense shot downward in midair.


The same as an erne, but conducted on your partner's side of the court.

ATP (Around the Post):

As the name implies, this is when you hit a low return around the net's post.

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